Ensuring the safety of food products is of vital importance. Customers must have the assurance that the food is safe and has been tested according to the current best possible controls.

At the same time, producers must use accurate and compliant laboratory methods for the identification of micro-organisms in order to optimise production and ensure profitability. To meet these challenges we have created GramRay.

Features and Benefits

  • Sample volume from 005-10 g
  • Working time for the laboratory technician: 15 minutes per sample
  • Automation option: robot produces up to 180 samples per day
  • Sensitivity: 1-10 microbes depending on the matrix
    Time to result: 1-4 hours – Depending on the sample matrix
  • Counting of the total number of bacteria: 15-30 minutes per sample
  • Time for genus/species classification: 5-15 s per microbe
  • Flexible sample size for product and in-process control
  • Efficient working and fast preparation of many samples
  • Counts every living cell
    Minimal time required due to automation
  • Sensitivity up to 1 micro-organism
  • Results on the day of filling – saves up to 7 days in quarantine
  • Classification of genera/species enables cause study with traceability analysis
  • Precise determination of the total number of viable microbes leads to low false positive and negative results

Further applications of GramRay

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