Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products & non-sterile Pharmaceuticals

When it comes to personal care, consumers take the quality and safety of the product for granted. In order for this to be the case, however, manufacturers invest a great deal of money and resources in ensuring this.

GramRay helps to test products faster, make them safer, stabilize production processes and provide the customer with a safe cosmetic or care product.

Features & Benefits

  • sample volume: 0.1-500g
  • Working time for the laboratory technician: 15 minutes per sample
  • Automation option: robot produces up to 180 samples per day
  • Sensitivity: 1-10 microbes depending on the matrix
    Time to result: 2-4 hours Depending on the sample matrix
  • Counting of the total number of bacteria: 15 minutes per sample
  • Time for genus/species classification: 15 s per microbe
  • Flexible sample size and microbial isolation protocols
  • Efficient working and fast preparation of many samples
  • Counts every living cell
    Minimal time required due to automation
  • Sensitivity up to 1 micro-organism
  • Release during ongoing production
  • Classification of genera/species enables cause study with traceability analysis
  • Precise determination of the total number of viable microbes leads to low false positive and negative results
  • Even faster yeast only measurement protocol option

Further GramRay applications

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