Speed = Security

The growth of bacteria, fungi and mould impairs the sensory properties of beverages and influences the safety of the product for the consumer. An accurate and fast determination of germinable spores and bacteria gives the water, beer, wine or juice producer the long-term security he needs to guarantee the highest quality at all times.

Targeted development

GRAM has been designed to provide fast, cost-effective and reliable information on all spoilage germs in the quality assurance and monitoring of beverage production. The early warning system reports the number and species of all living germs and spores, ideally before problems can arise. Release decisions for produced batches can be made within 20 minutes instead of 48 or 72 hours.

Quality control for beverages on a solid decision basis

Microbial contamination of production materials, e.g. by Alicyclobacillus and fermentable wild yeasts by raw materials, can be controlled more closely without additional effort. GRAMRAY can be integrated into the company’s HACCP concept with less effort than conventional methods. In the final product, release decisions are accelerated and compliance with customer specifications can be easily demonstrated. The system provides the necessary information for the implementation of quality standards such as IFS 6.1 quickly and without additional effort.

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